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Sex That Works
An Intimate Guide to Awakening Your Erotic Life

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Product Code:9781622038893
Author:Strgar, Wendy
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If you and your partner have lost that special spark, here is a book with the power to save your sex life - and your relationship. Sex That Works invites you to experience a new level of feeling and a new level of freedom in your sexuality. Wendy Strgar offers healing insights, potent practices (for you alone and with your partner), and guidance drawn from her marriage of over 30 years and her work with thousands of people to encourage the full awakening and expression of your erotic life. Nine core topics include:

  • Freedom: Taking responsibility for your sexual evolution. Giving yourself permission.
  • Pleasure: Pleasure as a medium of communication. Orgasm. Owning the pleasure response.
  • Finding your Normal: Bridging the erotic with the rational. Putting sexual health in context. Trusting our erotic nature
  • Courage: Growing up sexually and Living well with risks. Desire as courage. Daily practice
  • Curiosity: Exploration as the leader. Opening as a creative act.
  • Sensation: Awakening the senses. Trusting erotic impulses. Erotic connections. Making noise. Falling into the body
  • Fantasy: Witnessing your fantasies. Inner erotic landscapes. Submission and domination.
  • Attention: Listening. Making the time. Showing up vs. coexisting. Committing to something bigger than our selves
  • Gratitude: Letting go and receiving. Healing through kindness. A simple gratitude practice. A passionate love affair with your fleeting life.