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Sacred As You Are (2CD)
Depression As a Call to Spiritual Awakening

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Author:Foster, Jeff
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Many know teacher and author Jeff Foster as a living example of joyful presence. But he wasn't always this way: "From my earliest childhood to my mid-twenties," Jeff recalls, "I struggled with depression. I was certain that there was something deeply wrong with me. That on a basic level, I was incomplete, damaged, and desperately longing to rest."

In this audio session, he shares the insights that changed everything for him, and that have helped thousands who've found themselves feeling abandoned, lost, and somehow broken. With gentle guidance, and simple questions, Sacred As You Are explores:

  • Depression's call to return to the miracle of who you are, in this moment
  • Why you are not your feelings or thoughts, but a "field of permission" as vast as the sky that can hold all storms
  • If you're out of willpower, energy, or hope - can you just be curious?
  • How doubt and confusion can be your greatest allies, and more