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Healthy Is the New Skinny
Your Guide to Self-Love in a "Picture Perfect" World

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Product Code:9781401947217
Author:Willcox, Katie
Vendor: Hay House


In Healthy Is the New Skinny, international model and activist Katie H. Willcox offers a breakthrough approach to developing a healthy sense of self in a world that profits from keeping us insecure. Having been categorized as a "plus size" model at a healthy weight for her height, Katie has gained a unique insider's view into the false world of advertising and the tragic effect it is having on girls' and women's body image and overall self-esteem.

By exposing the deceptive practices used in the fashion and advertising industries, Katie provides the insights and tools to help females of all ages stop absorbing the incessant negative messages and rebuild a healthy self-image starting right now! This book tackles the "skinny" beauty ideal that keeps girls and women feeling small and searching for purpose. This holistic approach to healthy body, mind, and soul will challenge and inspire multiple generations to rise up and take action to achieve true beauty-health, happiness, and a love for themselves and one another.