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Guiding Strala
The Yoga Training Manual to Ignite Freedom, Get Connected, and Build Radiant Health and Happiness

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Product Code:9781401948108
Author:Stiles, Tara
Vendor: Hay House


Guiding Strala is designed to support aspiring and experienced yoga instructors in learning how to improve their practice and lead others with the Strala Yoga philosophy: giving the gift of easy, effortless movement rooted in a strong connection to the self. Strala Yoga offers teachers and students the process and freedom to be their best, most radiant, strong, centered, calm, inspired, ridiculously happy self - on and off the mat. This in-depth manual also features contributions from Strala co-founder and Harvard and Oxford graduate Mike Taylor and renowned shiatsu healer Sam Berlind.

This book will show readers how to deliver their practice and lead clearly and effectively. Tara teaches readers the elements of Strala including breath connection, feeling, and natural movement so they can embody ease and guide themselves and others to radiant well-being. Guiding Strala is a wonderful tool for leaders in any field to learn how to accomplish more with less energy.