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Freedom Seeker
Live More. Worry Less. Do What You Love.

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Author:Kempton, Beth
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It is the story of a woman who went from life-loving, risk-taking adventurer to grown-up, settled down, mother-wife-business owner, before realizing the life she had built was suffocating her. In finding her way out she realized that she was far from alone. She discovered women everywhere feeling hemmed in, suffering anxiety, depression, and physical pain, exhausted, disconnected, and sad. Freedom Seeker is the key to escape, for trapped women everywhere who long for more and have so much to give. The book is a metaphor of a bird escaping from a cage, finding her flock and learning to soar. It is full of personal stories, whose open hearts and deep courage will take your breath away. It also includes a host of original, transformational tools to help the reader escape their cage and learn to soar.

The book shows how to make the most of the extraordinary time we are living in, where technology offers new ways to live, work, learn, and connect with each other. It's a very current manual for living more, and worrying less. It is a timely self-empowerment manifesto: an inspiring and practical manual that will enable women to recognize that freedom is a choice, and they have the power to make that choice, and choose the life that they want.