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Choice for Love (Hardcover)
Entering into a New, Enlightened Relationship with Yourself, Others and the World

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Author:De Angelis, Barbara
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Love doesn't come from the outside of our life in, but rather from the inside of us out. This enlightened understanding means that we don't have to wait for love to arrive to feel it, or for someone to treat us a certain way to experience it. We can choose to be in love - our own love - because it's our very source and essence. Only then can we authentically bring that love out into our relationships and interactions with the world. Renowned for helping millions of people make profound shifts in their relationship with themselves, others, and spirit, Dr. Barbara De Angelis has written an eloquent, illuminating, and moving guide for transforming your relationship to Love itself.

Now more than ever, in these unsettling times on our planet, we're each called to become a living remedy by making the choice for love. You'll learn powerful techniques to help you let go of the past, heal emotional walls, and experience genuine compassion for yourself and others. This book will liberate you to embrace, embody and delight in more love than you ever thought was possible.