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Adventures of Billy and Penny (Hardcover)

CDN Retail:$20.99
Product Code:9781401953041
Author:Orman, Suze & Travis, Kathy
Vendor: Hay House


No 1 NYT bestselling author and world-renowned financial expert Suzy Orman makes her children's book debut in this story of a one-dollar bill named Billy and penny named Penny. When Billy and Penny realize that the family they live with are overlooking their true worth, they decide to make their presence count by going missing. When the pizza man arrives, the mother enlists the help of her two children and their piggy bank in order to pay for dinner. When Billy and Penny make their return, the family shows their appreciation for the money that saved the day.

Orman and wife and illustrator, Kathy Travis, team up for a classic and family-friendly tale of counting every penny and making every penny count.