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How to Be a Holy Rascals (8CD)
A Magical Mystery Tour to Liberate Your Deepest Wisdom, Access Radical Compassion, and Set Yourself Free

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Author:Shapiro, Rami
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God is real. Everything we say about God is made up. How to Be a Holy Rascal is a rousing guide for the spiritual adventurer ready to go beyond "isms" and ideologies, and live in the world as a liberating force of compassion, joy, justice, and love.Navigating the Five Existential Questions Everyone Asks: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? How should I live? And why? The world's religions have all sought to tackle these perennial questions for us, but what happens when their answers no longer work for you?

The path of the holy rascal is one of committed yet playful inquiry into the ineffable mysteries of our existence. Through the course of eight illuminating, entertaining, and provocative audio sessions with Rabbi Rami Shapiro, you will meet some of history's original holy rascals, including Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Rabbi Hillel, Sister JosT Hobday, Krishnamurti, Dorothy's dog Toto, and others; re-examine the mythic dimensions of the religious stories we grew up with; test-drive the holistic spiritual practices of the holy rascal; and much more.