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Palo Santo & Wild Herb (6 Cones)
Relaxation & Meditation

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Key Attributes

  • Aroma - Woody, floral and herbal.
  • Intention - Relaxation and meditation.

The ancient practice of Shamanism teaches that plants have spirits and that the spirit can be a strong medicine. The Shaman turns to the spirit of the plant and lets this spirit do the healing. The spirit of the Palo Santo tree carries a wisdom that enables the smoke of this wood to heal people but it is a delicate process that requires great respect for the tree.

These 100% natural Shamanic incense cones feature sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood blended by hand with wild lavender and rosemary. Also blended into this classical sahumerio is myrrh, a natural aromatic resin derived from the commiphora myrrha tree and known for its purification and medicinal properties. It is used extensively in mystical and spiritual ceremonies of many cultures around the world to purify the environment. These cones are unique in that they are not held together by any chemical or isolated oils.