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Ultimate Risk
Seven Mysteries to Unlock Your Passion and Purpose

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Product Code:9781401950323
Author:Robinson, Tara
Vendor: Hay House


Studies have shown that the top regret of the dying is not having lived the life they know they could have lived. Could have lived is the key. In every moment you have a choice: Will you live the life you know you can be living, or will you compromise and settle for something less? Each day you gamble;you gamble with your life. That is the Ultimate Risk.

The Ultimate Risk: Living with Passion and Purpose is the definitive guide to living a life of no regrets. It illuminates how you can begin to identify your passion and gain the strength, courage, and clarity needed to start living from your place of purpose.

Written with a spirit of adventure, this book opens the doorway to a mystical journey of epic proportions. It is organized as a series of seven ever-deepening mysteries that build upon one another. Each encrypted mystery (such as Intention, Silence, and Living Backward in Time) is accompanied by an "initiation" and "action step" that unlocks its secrets and takes the reader deep into the core of who they are and then back out again, with a profound sense of clarity about their unique passion and purpose in the world.