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A Shamanic Path to a Life of Wonder

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Author:Wesselman, Hank
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In a time when our scientific understanding of the universe has never been greater, why do so many people feel unhappy and alienated? As Dr. Hank Wesselman explains, our search for objective knowledge has come at the cost of a deeper, intuitive connection with nature and our spiritual selves. The result is a profound disenchantment, one that affects us individually and collectively. What we need now is a "re-enchantment" - a way to reclaim the wonder and hope that will give meaning to our lives.

The Re-Enchantment offers a compelling blueprint for the emerging transformational spirituality - not a return to the superstition and ignorance of old beliefs, but a "modern upgrade of the path of the shaman" that integrates our advances in reason into a new story about who we are and where we fit in to the greater whole. "Shamanism is a method, not a religion," Dr. Wesselman writes. "When practiced with humility, reverence, and self-discipline, the shaman's path can become a way of life, one that may enrich our experience beyond measure."